Mobilizing knowledge for climate action.

We’re creating a sustainable future within Canada’s college and institute sector. 

ImpAct-Climate connects colleges and institutes across Canada, sharing practical knowledge and mentorship to effectively address climate change on campuses. We provide the tools, resources, and collaborative opportunities necessary to make a significant, positive impact on our planet.  

ImpAct-Climate is delivered by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

Learn about how you can get involved:  

Workshops, Tools, and Reports  

Our workshops, tools, and reports highlight best practices for greening and integrating Indigenous perspectives into campus infrastructure, culture, applied research, and curriculum.  

Campus Living Labs: A Model for Sustainability 

Get inspired by learning about the innovative projects we’ve funded through our Campus Living Labs initiative. These projects not only showcase how campuses can evolve into vibrant models of sustainability but also raise awareness about the impacts of climate change. They address critical issues such as reducing greenhouse gases in campus food, waste management, land use, building operations, transportation, and through Indigenous approaches. Discover their impact, lessons learned, and understand the crucial role collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and community engagement play in sustainability efforts. 

Faculty Training: Greening Construction Trades in Canada  

Leverage our tailored training modules, co-developed with CICan members, to integrate sustainability and Indigenous perspectives into construction trades education. These resources equip faculty with the knowledge and tools needed to confidently integrate environmental and cultural insights into their teaching, ensuring graduates have the green skills needed to thrive in a low-carbon economy.  

Raising Awareness: ImpAct-Climate Challenge   

Discover our ImpAct-Climate Challenge: a six-week journey that mobilizes students, staff, and faculty across our member institutions to tackle climate change. By engaging with educational content, participating in quizzes, and taking on weekly sustainable actions—such as adopting plant-based diets—participants deepen their understanding of greenhouse gases and commit to meaningful change. Over three editions, we’ve proudly awarded over $36,000 in bursaries, championing the next generation of climate leaders. 

Building a Community of Practice    

Join a national network of educators, staff, and faculty dedicated to sustainability. Our community of practice offers regular opportunities to share best practices, collaborate on projects, and enhance professional networks, fostering a united approach to achieving net-zero goals. 

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